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    January, 2016

    Global heating and the dilemma of climate scientists – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    " In private conversations, many climate scientists express far greater concern at the progression of global warming and its consequences than they do in public, ...more »

    YALE UNIV :: We (Humans) Are the Extinction Asteroid

    YaleClimateConnections Leading Scientists compare current Human pressure on the planet's life support systems to great Extinction events of the past. ht ...more »

    METHANE :: Sheets may be hiding vast reservoirs of powerful greenhouse gas — ScienceDaily

    CAGE - Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Climate and Environment "Ice sheets may be containing vast reservoirs of methane, adding a new concern regarding rapid ic ...more »

    Cancer and Climate Change – NYTimes.com

    "...Very quickly, I found out that I had no desire to jostle with wealthy tourists on Mount Everest, or fight for some yardage on a beautiful and exclusive beach, ...more »

    The World Is Hemorrhaging Methane, and Now We Can See Where

    Huge amounts of methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas, are leaking from wells and other manmade and natural sources around the globe. nationalgeographic. ...more »

    Has the climate changed in your backyard? New Alberta website has the stats – Edmonton | Globalnews.ca

    globalnews.ca...has-the-climate-changed-in-your-backyard-new-alberta-website-has-the-stats/ ...more »

    Study finds high melt rates on Antarctica’s most stable ice shelf: Melting rates found to be 25 times higher than expected — ScienceDaily

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases... ...more »

    Climate change bomb has already gone off says NWT premier – APTN National NewsAPTN National News

    http://aptn.ca...climate-change-bomb-has-already-gone-off-says-nwt-premier/ ...more »

    Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts | Business | The Guardian

    theguardian.com...threat-to-global-economy-in-2016-say-experts ...more »

    METHANE :: Ice sheets may be hiding vast reservoirs of powerful greenhouse gas

    http://www.alphagalileo.org... ...more »

    IMF wants carbon tax on shipping and aviation – Independent.ie

    http://m.independent.ie/world-news...imf-wants-carbon-tax-on... ...more »

    Warming Icy Methane Adds to Greenhouse Effect | Santa Barbara Independent

    independent.com/news/2016/jan/04/warming-icy-methane-adds-greenhouse-effect...e ...more »

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