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    Today Is Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 2:08 pm.

    Archives for
    July, 2016

    Warming at Alarming Rate, Lake Tahoe Reflects Rapid Sierra Climate Change ...more »

    Bloomberg Live Carbon Clock ...more »

    What Does 14 Months in a Row of Record Heat Say? Five Key Points ...more »

    What You Need to Know About the World’s Water Wars ...more »

    Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to… ...more »

    Stunning prediction of climate science and basic physics may now be coming true ...more »

    For the first time, hotter-than-normal in every square inch of the USA ...more »

    As Clouds Head for the Poles, Time to Prepare for Food and Water Shocks

    Due to changing climate, there will be huge implications for agricultural production, industrial and energy output, and municipal water provisioning in coming yea ...more »

    Get all your outdoors work done by 2030, before it’s too hot to work outside

    By 2030, it may be too hot in many parts of the world to mow your lawn and do outside work... ...more »

    2016 Hottest Year Yet, Warming Speeding Up

    "The earth is on track for its hottest year on record and warming at a faster rate than expected, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Thursday." ...more »

    Reference :: Fires: Current Conditions ...more »

    Methane :: trembling tundra – latest weird phenomenon ...more »

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