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Soils Could Emit Much More Carbon Than Previously Thought

"If our findings are applied to soils around the globe that are similar to what we studied, meaning soils that are not frozen or saturated, our calculations sugge ...more »

Climate Change Has Already Harmed Almost Half of All Mammals

"The effect of climate change on endangered species has been wildly underestimated, a new study has found." ...more »

Rapid Cooling North Atlantic Greater Risk – Could Affect Europe’s Climate

"If these predictions are borne out and the North Atlantic waters do cool rapidly over the coming years, climate change adaptation polices for regions bordering t ...more »

1 in 14 Trees Dead In Colorado Forests

'One in 14 trees is dead in Colorado forests and the number of gray-brown standing-dead trees has increased 30 percent since 2010 to 834 million, the state’s an ...more »

METHANE – Gas Hydrate Breakdown Unlikely to Cause Massive Release

"...not only are the annual emissions of methane to the ocean from degrading gas hydrates far smaller than greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere from human a ...more »

Too Hungry To Play…

"Too hungry to play, hundreds of starving children in Tiaty Constituency of Baringo County in Kenya sit by the fire watching the pot boil, in the hope that it is ...more »

Rising Temps Will Shrink US Harvests Says Scientists

"For every single day the temperature remains above 30°C, they find, maize and soya plants can lose about 5% of their harvest. But that is only the start." ht ...more »

January 2017 Heralds Dire Climate News

The Arctic Is Getting Crazy Climate Model Suggests Collapse of Atlantic Circulation is ...more »

Climate Model Suggests Collapse of Atlantic Circulation Possible

Scripps Institute, Yale University and other researchers removed the bias in current climate models and re-ran AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) ...more »

Military plans for climate change despite skeptics ...more »

North Pole above freezing in sign of ‘sudden’ and ‘very serious’ climate change ...more »

As Cities Warm, Their Trees Absorb Less Carbon From the Atmosphere

"Trees filter our air and water and increase biodiversity in our neighborhoods by providing habitats for animals. Just being near them has been shown to improve o ...more »

Methane emissions levels could be double current estimates ...more »

Arctic methane gas emission ‘significantly increased since 2014’ ...more »

Obama Orders the Military To Consider Climate Change & Other Stories

President Obama orders climate change to be considered in military planning. ...more »

Debunking a Climate Denier ...more »

Sea Ice Not Rebounding, China’s Wind Power Frenzy ...more »

Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are ‘Terrifying’

"Climate change, Mr. Obama often says, is the greatest long-term threat facing the world, as well as a danger already manifesting itself as droughts, storms, heat ...more »

DYING TREES August/September 2016 United States

A Compilation of News Articles Re: Dying Trees A killer of trees - Kern Valley Sun: News Climate Impacts: Melting Glaciers, Shifting Biomes and Dying Trees in ...more »

2016 Hottest Year Yet, Warming Speeding Up

"The earth is on track for its hottest year on record and warming at a faster rate than expected, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Thursday." ...more »

Gulf Stream is slowing down faster than ever, scientists say

"However, the researchers believe that Britain is still likely to become warmer due to climate change providing the Gulf Stream does not come to a complete halt ...more »

Global heating and the dilemma of climate scientists

"Climate scientists have been so distracted and intimidated by the relentless campaign against them that they tend to avoid any statements that might get them lab ...more »

NASA: New Methane Arctic Analysis Update

Latest NASA and SDSU (San Diego State University) Arctic Methane Study Results "After analyzing the data, the research team found a major portion of methane em ...more »

Average temps Northern Hemisphere breach 2° C

"For the first time in history, the average temperature of the world’s Northern Hemisphere breached the 2 degrees Celsius above “normal” mark, for a few hou ...more »

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