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Latest Climate News – Drought, China, Records Broken, Much More

Antarctica Experiences Warmest Day Ever Recorded
It was 63 degrees in Antarctica today.

5 Stark Yosemite Images That Capture California’s Historic Drought

5 Frightening Things About the California Drought…things-about-the-drought/24855355/

Top Beijing Scientist Warns Huge Impacts From Climate Change
The mainland’s top weather official has issued a stark warning on climate change, saying that rising temperatures could have “huge impacts” on the world’s most populous

Climate Change Will Be Catastrophic, Not Just Bad…instant-planetary-emergency#

Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster Than Ever

“This new data on sea ice loss sends a clear message to the global community that the Arctic is unraveling, warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet,” said Rafe Pomerance.…disturbing-new-winter-record/…maximum-lowest-on-record/

Pine Beetle Epidemic Spreading Through Canada
“We need to see this as a harbinger of what’s to come,” says Diana Six, entomologist at the University of Montana. “We’re going to see one ecosystem after another begin to tip.”

Scientists say Arctic sea ice just set a disturbing new record

Tiny Blue Bubbles That Can Help Save the Planet…designed-to-help-save-the-planet

By Piers Forster
TWEETS:Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, unprecedented across climate systemEach of last three decades getting warmer, warmest 30 years since 600 A.D

Ocean has absorbed 90% of energy increase, warming virtually certain since 1900

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets loosing mass since 1990, as have glaciers, Arctic ice and N.H. snow

20 cm of sea-level rise since 1900, more than in past 2000 years

40% rise in CO2, since preindustrial; CO2, CH4, and N2O rise unprecedented in last 800k years

Total radiative forcing positive, CO2 largest contributor; energy uptake of system

Human influence on the climate system is clear – GHG increases, positive RF, obs warming and understanding

Climate models have improved, and can reproduce obs trends

Obs and models studies on temp change, and feedbacks, provide confidence in past and future warming

Human influence detected across climate system, extremely likely it is dominant cause of 20C warming

Limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

All RCPs warm to 2100 and all but RCP2.6 warm pass 2C and will continue to warm beyond 2100

Wet regions generally wetter, dry drier but with exceptions

The ocean will warm during the 21C. Heat will penetrate to the deep ocean and affect circulation

Arctic sea-ice, glaciers and snow will continue to shrink as temperatures rise

Sea level will continue to rise during 21C and accelerate

Carbon cycle process will exacerbate climate change

Change will persist for many centuries even if emissions stopped. Multi century commitment

Piers Forster

September 27, 2013

Vanuatu: Picking Up the Pieces After Monster Storm…monster-storm/

Siberian Town – Methane Exposure?

Mysterious Holes In Siberia Linked To Methane Release
The seven holes discovered are not the work of aliens or meteorites, but rather explosions of methane accumulated as underground ice melts

East Antarctica Melting Explained

GOP Congress Looking To Sell Off National Forests

Alert :: Latest CO2 Readings In Hawaii – 403.10

More and more climate scientists are speaking up about climate change.

Radio Show: Implications of Banning Climate Change Terms…climate-change-and-global-warming

NASA Small Device Can Test CO2 & Methane Levels…suitcase

4 States Pushing To Ban EPA’s Climate Rule…ban-epa-climate-rule/

CO2 Levels Rising Fast…eclipsed-prehistoric-highs/

Oil Drilling Collapse Unprecendented – Plummeting Prices

Global Warming Affecting Jetstream & East Coast Weather…driving-crazy-summers

Scientists May Be Committing Fraud, Racketeering…150319596


Methane Is NOT a Concern, Say Some.…mysterious-siberian-craters/

Aid Reaches Cyclone Hit Vanuatu

China’s Premier Vows Tougher Regulations On Pollution…tougher-regulation-on-air-pollution..

Climate Change Or Climate Disruption?…call-it-climate-disruption/

SCANDAL :: TOP CLIMATE SCIENTIST Under Investigation…too-much-ice-really-bad-polar-bears…corporate-cash-for-climate-change-researcher……global-warming-skeptic…gridlock-congress……my-depressing-day-with-a-famous-climate-skeptic

Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline…smithsonians-general-probe-willie…

Smithsonian To Investigate Top Climate Scientist For Paid Opinions…smithsonians-inspector-general-probe..

Head of IPCC Resigns In Light of Sexual Allegations…chairman-of-un-climate-change-panel/2/…ipcc-chair-rajendra-pachauri-resigns

NEW SIBERIAN SINKHOLES :: The Methane Monster Lives?…new-sinkholes-appear-yamal

11 Million People May Be Forced To Leave Sao Paulo, Brazil…Forced-to-Flee-Due-to-Extreme-Drought…

Panic Hits Sao Paulo Due To Water Shortages

Interesting Words Used By Climate Deniers vs. Supporters…climate-scientists-vs-climate-science-deniers…

8 More Black Holes In Siberia…brace-yourself-more-black-holes-siberia…

Bad News :: New York City Climate Change Report Released…/mayor-de-blasio…climate-projections-2100…

Climate Change and the Harm of Name Calling…climate-change-whats-in-a-name…

Coral Bleaching An Increasing Concern…major-coral-bleaching.html

The Good and Bad News of Ocean Health…ocean_health_better_and_worse

The US and Sinister Weaponizing Geo-Engineering…weaponise-the-weather-geoengineering

The US Drought May Be Worst In 1000 Years…usdroughts-worst-in-1000years


Compilation of Climate Monitoring Resources

More Than Scientists

Center For Research For Globalization

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