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    Today Is Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 2:24 pm.

    Latest News 01.05.15

    Today along the coast of Southern California, temperatures were almost spring-like after having plummeted almost below freezing just a few days earlier. Temperatures have been plummeting and soaring like hungry birds of prey. How is the weather in your area? 🙂

    Here’s today’s latest climate news (updated throughout the day):

    Despite US Cold, Amazing Arctic Warmth

    While the US experienced an unusual chill, the Arctic is experiencing amazingly warm temperatures.

    Could Chesapeake Seafood Become a Thing of the Past?

    Chesapeake tributaries are warming up. This could be very bad news for the bay, and for the seafood industry.

    California Drought: Caused By Climate Change Or Not?

    Scientists are now saying this drought is definitely due to climate change.

    More Nuclear Power Says 65 UK Scientists

    Nuclear is the least damaging sources of energy say these 65 UK biologists and scientists.

    Global Average Temperatures Steadily Rising

    The Japanese Meteorological Agency records 2014 as warmest year on record globally.

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