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    Today Is Monday, August 21, 2017, 12:32 pm.

    NASA: New Methane Arctic Analysis Update

    Latest NASA and SDSU (San Diego State University) Arctic Methane Study Results

    “After analyzing the data, the research team found a major portion of methane emissions during the cold season were observed when temperatures hovered near the zero curtain.

    “This is extremely relevant for the Arctic ecosystem, as the zero curtain period continues from September until the end of December, lasting as long or longer than the entire summer season,” said Zona, the study’s first author. “These results are opposite of what modelers have been assuming, which is that the majority of the methane emissions occur during the warm summer months while the cold-season methane contribution is nearly zero.””

    Previous NASA 2014 Article
    A new analysis shows that the changes in the Alaskan Arctic regions have not yet had enough impact to affect the global methane budget… However, high concentrations of atmospheric methane have been measured at individual Arctic sites, especially in Siberia. This adds to the concern that massive methane releases are already occurring in the far North.

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