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Record Heatwaves, Monster Downpours In May
Do We Need To GO Nuclear On Climate Change?
Drought: End of California’s Salton Sea?
Powerful Christian Perspective On Climate Change
Germany’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise 13%
Tall Trees Sucked Dry From Climate Change
Chocolate, Olive Oil, Almond Milk, Prawns Dwindling
Climate Change and Cming Coffee Shortages
Elon Musk Addresses Climate Change
Elon Musk Is Trying To Save the World
Why Rooftop Solar and Tesla Batteries Won’t Work
Nearly 1000 Dead From India’s Extreme Heat Wave
Climate Change Denial Threatens National Security
Texas Governor: Flooding Worst Ever Seen
Tornedo Dog Found In Dead Owner’s Arms
Interesting… A Collapse "Cheat Sheet"
Over 500 Dead From Heat Across India
Severe Floods, Tornadoes Hit Midwest, Mexico
Arctic Ice Lowest Extent, Highest Volume
Memorial Day 2015: Snow In New England
Record Warmth In Barrow, Alaska
Sudden Rapid Ice Loss Discovered In Antarctic
Obama To Coast Guard Grads Climate Change Threatens
What Can We Do About Climate Change?
Iowa Farmer Sees Climate Change Accelerate Rapidly
Top UK Chief Diplomat: Shell Oil ‘Psychopathic’…
Climate Denial "Seepage" Hurting Climate Science
Unprecedented May Heat Wave In Europe
NASA: Antarctic Ice Shelf Gone By End of Decade

Sea Level Rising At Accelerated Rate
Local Produce To Be Grown On Waste Dump Site
With California drought, growing local produce may be the way to go. One New England City plans to grow greenhouse produce on its waste dump using methane as a power source and aquaculture to fertilize and save on water.
Starbucks Moving Water Bottling Plants From California
Starbucks is showing corporate responsibility by
moving its water bottling operations to Pennsylvania. Nestle and other bottlers are still planning to stay in California thus far…
De-Californify: Growing Produce in the South
A Drought Resistant Golf Course…
Some California Residents Getting Foul Reservoir Water…

10 Best Climate Videos on Youtube…
Mass Animal Deaths – Signaling Serious Problems?
"Every biologist I spoke with who is researching mass-mortality events said that many wildlife die-offs today really could be signals of serious problems with the ecological fundamentals of the planet."
Time To Start Bracing For Climate Change…
Drought: Upping the Water Restrictions
Hawaiian Fish Populations Reduced 78%
Apple Wants To Stop Climate Change

Herbicides Killing Off the Monarch Butterflies
7 Really Scary Things About Climate Change
US Greenhouse Gas Pollution Jumped 2% In 2013
Drought Now In Oregon
Ocean life faces a troubling change to the sea
California Drought Hits Insatiable Palm Springs
State water officials have called for cuts of up to 35% for certain water districts, especially those districts with insatiable water habits.
5 years later, drillers going to riskier depths
Could new desalinization technologies quench the world’s thirst?
Enhanced desalinization, dilution solution, membrane upgrades such as nanotubes and graphene, forward osmosis are current technologies in the works. Wendell Ela, professor of chemical and environmental engineering, says smaller plants, such as the forward osmosis plant in Oman, could be the future of desalination technology.
New Paper Suggests Slow Methane Release In Permafrost Regions
California Power Grid Could Handle 100% Renewables
Congress Attempts To Derail EPA Climate Rules
Climate Denial Disappearing Amongst TV Weathercasters
Fossil Fuels Just Lost Against Renewable Energies

The Terrible Sao Paulo Drought: Foretelling the Future For Millions?

Most Scientists Concur: Climate Change Human-Caused – Update
NASA Scientists: Ominous Forecasting Data
It’s kind of an ‘inconvenient truth’—the models that are realistic all happen to be the ones
that are predicting a very strong warming in the future. ~ Hui Su, research scientist. "There is indeed reason for vigilance, if not concern, only about one-third of the warming predicted for the future will come directly from CO2; the rest will result from feedback effects – like water vapor and clouds." ~ Andrew Dessler, climate researcher.
Soon, Global Summers Will Be Too Hot For Corals
The Global Warming "Pause" Was No Pause At All
Despite widespread such claims in contrarian circles,
human-caused warming of the globe proceeds unabated. Indeed, as reported here at The Huffington Post just last month, the most recent year (2014) was likely the warmest year on record.
Untested Geo-Engineering May Be Inacted Despite Risks
‘That scientists are even considering technological interventions should be a wake-up call that we need to do more now to reduce emissions, which is the most effective, least risky way to combat climate change,’ Marcia McNutt, the committee chair and former director of the US Geological Survey, said.

California North-To-South Water Deals Going Dry

Humans (Anthropogenic) Emit More CO2 Than Volcanoes
Last Time Oceans Got This Acidic, 96% Marine Life Went Extinct
Sierra Nevada Pine Tree Die-Off Worsens
More About Dying Trees
Amazon Trees Dying Faster..
Why Are California’s Giant Trees DYING?..
Drought: Trees All Over Rogue River Oregon Are Dying..
Ocean Currents Slowing – Could Cause Terrible Weather

4 Excellent California Drought Infographics

By Piers Forster

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, unprecedented across climate system
Each of last three decades getting warmer, warmest 30 years since 600 A.D
Ocean has absorbed 90% of energy increase, warming virtually certain since 1900
Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets loosing mass since 1990, as have glaciers, Arctic ice and N.H. snow
20 cm of sea-level rise since 1900, more than in past 2000 years
40% rise in CO2, since preindustrial; CO2, CH4, and N2O rise unprecedented in last 800k years
Total radiative forcing positive, CO2 largest contributor; energy uptake of system
Human influence on the climate system is clear – GHG increases, positive RF, obs warming and understanding
Climate models have improved, and can reproduce obs trends
Obs and models studies on temp change, and feedbacks, provide confidence in past and future warming
Human influence detected across climate system, extremely likely it is dominant cause of 20C warming
Limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.
All RCPs warm to 2100 and all but RCP2.6 warm pass 2C and will continue to warm beyond 2100
Wet regions generally wetter, dry drier but with exceptions
The ocean will warm during the 21C. Heat will penetrate to the deep ocean and affect circulation
Arctic sea-ice, glaciers and snow will continue to shrink as temperatures rise
Sea level will continue to rise during 21C and accelerate
Carbon cycle process will exacerbate climate change
Change will persist for many centuries even if emissions stopped. Multi century commitment

Piers Forster..
September 27, 2013..


More and more climate scientists are speaking up about climate change.
Full Resource List Here
Causes of Climate Change By NASA

Climate Change & Emerging Infectious Disease Abstract
Royal Society List of Climate

David Zetlander On Water and Water Scarcity (Audio)

Compilation of Climate Monitoring Resources
More Than Scientists
Center For Research For Globalization
Full List of Climate Resources (On the Link, Scroll Down)
Economic Risk of Climate Change
Informative Climate Blog By Bart Verheggen
Funding Behind Climate Denial 
The Watchers

Detroit Shutting Off People’s Water Again
Fresh Food Movement Sweeping the Nation
Tattoos Giving People Nasty Skin Conditions
PHOTO: Cops Pose Black Man As Hunting Trophy
Detroit Police Chief Wouldn’t Gas Up At Night
Killer Robots Will Leave Humans Utterly Defenseless
Pay Extra To Have Self-Driving Car Avoid Pedestrians
Food Safety In China Becoming Top Issue
Taco Bell To Remove Artificial Ingredients, Trans Fat
Labcorp To Allow People To Order Own Med Tests
Getting Warm? Here’s a Homemade Air Conditioner

The City That Is a Haven and Paradise
Results of Switching African Diet and US Diet
Healthy Norwegians Shy Away From GMOs
Women Losing Ability To Give Natural Birth, Nurse
School Bus Exhaust May Spur Cancer, Asthma, Disease
There Is a War On Big Food
Inspirational Prize Fighter: Almost Bullied To Suicide
Impossible Burger – Meatless Wonder
Lancet Editor-In-Chief: Half of Med Journal Lit Is False

Dirty Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant Linens
City of Berkeley To Require Cellphone Radiation Warning
Too Many Vitamins May Cause Cancer
Too Much Sitting Can Store a World of Pain
How You Can Double Your Food Stamps
With Double Up Food Bucks, people can double the value of their food stamps by shopping at a farmer’s market.

Can Hydroponic Be Considered Truly Organic?
Hydroponic produce is grown in a liquid, chemical brew. Soil contains millions of living organisms that contribute to plant flavour and nutrition. Can they both be considered "organic?"

Increasing Concern Using Wireless Devices
Experts are urging caution on the use or wireless devices such as tablets, cell phones, computers due to exposure to electromagnetic radiofrequency waves…
Toxic, Artificial Turf On Children’s Playing Fields
Synthetic turf containing crumb rubber and used on school and sports athletic fields may be exposing children to chemicals including acetone, arsenic, benzene, halogenated flame retardants, lead, mercury.
Fracking Wastewater Being Used On California Crops
Chevron fracking wastewater is being used to water Kern County crops…
Warren Buffett Affirms Junk Food – Says No Smiles At Whole Foodsa
Scientists Warn of Chemicals In Pizza Boxes, Carpet Care…
Humans Aging More Slowly Than Scientists Expect
Toys Contributing To Kids’ Increasing Cancer, Disabilities
Monsanto Seeks Retraction of Article Linking Glysophate to CANCER
However, according to Dave Schubert, head of the cellular neurobiology laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, "there are a number of independent, published manuscripts that clearly indicate that glyphosate can promote cancer and tumor growth. It should be banned."
American Teens Stressed and Bored
Lowe’s (US) Agrees To Phase Out Bee-Killing Pesticides
Herbicide HORROR – Roundup May Contribute To Chronic Illness
The Dangers of Living Near Pesticide Fields
Fine Particulate Pollution Hurting Childrens’ Brains
Surprise! Who’s Collecting Your Medical Searches Online?

Here’s Where You Get the WORST Air Pollution

Excellent Study of Climate "Contrarians"
Warren Buffet Health Secrets – Coke, Potato Stix (!)
British Human Waste Turning Male Clams To Female
Possible Cure For Alzheimers –
Fully Restores Memory Function
Consumer’s Report Chart
Some Veal Farmers Adopt More Humane Methods
Veal farmers such as Leland Glass in the south-central part of this state allow their calves to spend their days in pastures with trees for shade and ponds for wading. They nurse lazily alongside their mothers.

Jon Stewart Addresses the Food Industries’ Marketing Tactics

Which Fruits and Vegetables Have the Highest Pesticide Levels?
Consumers Reports provides an in-depth risk guide with comprehensive lists for the safest to the most pesticide-laden conventional produce. Organic produce contain significantly less harmful pesticide residues.

Gov’t Experiments On Food Animals
The US government conducts experiments to increase multiple births, low maintenance foaling with horrific results.
Microfibers From Fleece In Your Food
Microfibers and microbeads are made from chemicals that can contain
endocrine disrupters, potential carcinogens and neurotoxins that are getting into the water supply and food chain affecting fish and shellfish and those who eat them.
Conventional Produce Significant Higher Adverse Effects Than Organic
New research has shown significantly more damaging effects of conventionally grown produce when compared with organically grown produce. Solution: Eat organic whenever possible and avoid fruits and vegetables with the highest organophosphate pesticide levels such as apples, peaches, blueberries, broccoli, cantaloupe, grapes, green beans, lettuce, nectarine, oranges, pears, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and onions.

Popular Weedkiller Roundup Labeled Probable Carcinogen
T common weed-killing herbicide known as Roundup containing high levels of glycosate has been labeled a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Roundup is often sprayed on wheat just days before harvest.
BPA Replacements May Be Just As Risky
Both BPA and BPS caused irregular heartbeats in the rats. Recent research indicates the exposure effects of BPS and BPA being nearly indistinguishable, if not identical.,,bpa-free-health.. 

Is It Gluten Intolerance OR Pesticide Overdose?
Are people suffering from gluten intolerance or pesticide residues? The common wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before combine harvesters work through the fields as the practice allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest.
Hidden Poison Epidemic In America
Increasingly, Americans may all be living in a toxic stew due to toxic building materials and products they are bringing into their homes when renovating, adding furnishings or redecorating.
Will 1 In 2 Children Be Autistic Within a Decade Or 2?
The True Horror: A Factory Farmer Speaks Up
Bought, Full Movie :: The Truth Behind GMO’s
Kraft Singles Cheese Food Gets Questionable "Health Sticker"

Big Sugar’s Deceitful Anti-Cavity Spin
Lumber Liquidators: High Levels Formaldehyde Laminate Flooring
To Torture a Chicken
IDEA:: Nursing Home Provides Free Housing For Students

Robotic Bear Nurses For the Elderly

Certified Natural Food Search
Naturally Raised Animals For Meat
Do you eat meat? If so, the best meats will likely come from farmers and ranchers who embrace a humane and natural rearing method for their farm animals. Here is a list of suppliers, farmers and ranchers who adhere to a strict code of ethics, feeding their animals a rich, natural diet and providing them a comfortable lifestyle.
Strauss Brands
Strauss Natural Farmers List
Coulter Farms Susquehana Valley

Full Climate Site Here –
China Fines, Jails Pesticide Company Employees
Game Changers: Top Revolutionary Companies
The Art of Persuasion
Coming Soon
The Miracle of Cover Crops and No-Till For Food Farmers
Farmer David Brandt see hope – over the next 20 years, he envisions a "large movement of producers" adopting cover crops and no-till in response to rising energy costs, which could make fertilizer and pesticides (synthesized from petroleum and
natural gas), as well as tractor fuel, prohibitively expensive.
The Magic of Putting Down the Plow For Better Soil
[Heirlooms, Permaculture, Hugulkultur, Ramial Wood, Gardening, No-Till]  
Coming Soon
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