Are We Approaching the 12th Hour?
Today Is Thursday, June 21, 2018, 3:13 am.


Happy New Year! May it be happy, healthy, safe and flourishing for both you and our changing planet. 🙂


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Within the last few days, we have had an inundation of important climate stories. For the actual news links, scroll down to our latest news links section or click here.



Attenborough: “Climate Change Is Real and Deadly”
Sir David Attenborough speaks up unequivocally with no holds barred. He states leaders are in denial, that climate change threatens humanity and that the evidence is overwhelming.

“Dumbest” Climate Change Remarks By Conservative Right
Believe or disbelieve, these may tickle one’s climatological fancy and perhaps for some, spawn incredulity.

Climate Scientists: Be Emotionally Charged!
If one wishes to get their point across, one might consider this article.

Monarch Butterflies Soon Endangered – 90% Gone
It would be a devastating blow to see the end of the magnificent, annual migrations of the Monarch butterfly and to see their numbers dwindle away to nothing. Planting their favourites in the Northern climes may help…

Losing Mt. Ranier To Climate Change
There is the possibility that this national treasure could be lost.

Permanent Delaware-sized Methane Plume Over the West
It is huge and growing, and was a shock to NASA scientists.

MIT Team’s New Super Battery May Help Renewables
This washing-machine-sized battery may store very large amounts of renewable energy.

Chinese App To Shame Polluters In China
In China, an environmental activist has created an “app” to inform the public of egregious polluters.

The Pope Supports Climate Change & Angers Deniers
The Pope takes a definite position on climate change.

China: $32 Billion Company to Help Reduce Pollution
More evidence on China’s proactive stance on climate change and pollution.

California Drought Could Be “Catastrophic” For Wildlife
Death rates could be quite troubling…

Ice-free Arctic Could Be Just Six Years Away
This may be happening much more quickly than many scientists could have predicted.

Methane Leaking Profusely Offshore Siberian Permafrost
As global temperatures warm, arctic permafrost and shallow seabeds begin to melt releasing methane gas at greater and greater levels. Methane has over 20 times the potency of CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

Oil, Coal, Gas Soon Worthless?
Renewable energy sources pricings may soon be plummetting. Could it be that energy moguls and titans are scrambling to use up oil reserves as renewables begin to take center stage?


For the actual news links of the above articles, click here to visit our Latest News Links Section.

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